Feature documentary

Written by Erika Tasini e Shari Marcacci

Directed by Jarreth Merz

Produced by Urban Republic

The 2008 presidential elections in Ghana, West Africa, serve as a backdrop for this feature documentary that looks behind-the-scenes at the complex, political machinery of a third world democracy struggling to legitimize itself to its first world contemporaries. At stake in this race are the fates of two political party candidates that will do almost anything to win.

In the uncertain aftermath of the 'Arab spring', there is no more heartening message.

Los Angeles Times


Rome Independent Film Festival 

Best Documentary, Grand Jury Award , Atlanta Film Festival 
Nominated for the Cinema for Peace Award For Justice, Berlin 
Nominated for the Film Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary
Etat d'Esprit Award - Vision Du REEL, Nyon New Vision Award


23 International Documentary Festival, Amsterdam - World Premiere

Sundance Film Festival
True/False Film Festival
Tel Aviv Film Festival
Solothurn Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival
Zimbabwe International Film Festival
L.A. Panafrican Film Festival
Locarno Film Festival

An African Election was distributed in UK cinemas by Dogwoof and in US cinemas by Urban Republic.

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