Photo by Diane Arbus
Photo by Diane Arbus

Music Documentary

Written and directed by Erika Tasini

Bologna 1974: Wishing to express the many facets and contradictions of a female identity, the eclectic illustrator Paola Pallottino writes the poetic concept album DONNA CIRCO. The record is recorded but never released by BASF.

Bologna 2020: Invited by the charismatic Suz, fifteen singers and musicians, including Angela Baraldi and Vittoria Burattini (Massimo Volume), decide to re-record and release DONNA CIRCO, in order to re-interpret the topical texts of Lucio Dalla's favorite lyricist.

By documenting the complex process leading to the release of the first Italian feminist record, written in 1974 but never distributed until 2021, LOOKING FOR DONNACIRCO intends to explore the passing of the torch between female militant artists of different generations, in order to investigate the woman's condition in contemporary Italy.

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